How we have created the concept of PlanGo organizer

2014 was a usual year to most of you, but not for us. It was the year when we, Alexandra and Mikhail, have created the concept of PlanGo – a simple program for personal productivity. How have we started?

What problem we have started from

As students, we have faced a problem with planning our time so that we can find balance between our university tasks, part-time work and rest. It seemed difficult not to fail in either of this areas, so as software engineering program students we have thought of program that would automatically create a personal schedule on the basis of preliminary task duration estimation and the deadlines.

What the first version of PlanGo organizer was

The first PlanGo organizer version version was a desktop application for Windows XP and higher. Actually, there was no PlanGo organizer yet. The name has been created a year after that, in 2015.

The evolution of PlanGo organizer

When we have decide to choose entrepreneurship as our major at the magistracy, it became clear for us that entering the market with a desktop version is insane. We gave started to create a mobile version for Android.

What do we have now?

The first two versions – for iOS and for Android – are in development. If you are a developer interested in joining our team – feel free to contact us! If you are a productivity expert interested in cooperation – you’re also welcome! We are are happy to get any feedback about the concept.

Please share your thoughts about the article in comments. Have you ever faced problems with planning your day? What are the things you hate about planning?  Let’s discuss!

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