How can I get PlanGo organizer app?

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What operation systems will PlanGo organizer suppport?

The first PlanGo organizer versions will be for iOS and Android platforms. Later we are going to release the following versions: Web, Google Chrome extension, Mozilla Firefox extension, Windows app, Mac app, *nix app.

When can I install and test PlanGo organizer?

The first version – for iOS and for Android – will be ready in the nearest months.

How can I suggest a feature or write my feedback?

Write anything you want to be considered. We appreciate any feedback.

What calendars does PlanGo organizer support?

PlanGo organizer will offer two-side real-time synchronization with Google calendar in the first versions – for iOS and for Android. The other versions will support two-side synchronization with iCalendar and the other calendar formats.

What integrations besides of calendars will PlanGo organizer support?

After the app release PlanGo organizer may support Slack and the other programs. Write us any suggestions about integrations to